A Perfect Cup of Tea ( Nannu Tony Milk Tea)

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This really is a perfect cup of tea. It’s sweet and has a hint of caramel. It is a comfort tea, as well as something that I treat myself with instead of a dessert. My Nannu (grandfather) loved having at least one cup of tea everyday. As a child, I always found the way that… Continue reading A Perfect Cup of Tea ( Nannu Tony Milk Tea)

The Grey Beauty

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Thrilled! That is what I could have named this post. That is the feeling I had when I found this piece. It is how I felt when I saw the price. It was how I felt when it fit (kind of) in my car. It was how I felt for the 3 days after while… Continue reading The Grey Beauty

The Blue Happy Hutch

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I love her! Her who? This cabinet! Isn’t she just so pretty?! She wasn’t always this pretty.  Ok, so let’s start from the beginning. I nabbed this great piece for a great price. She was a disaster though. She was filthy, broken and missing some hardware. I have been looking for a china hutch for… Continue reading The Blue Happy Hutch

Decorating With Tin Tile

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Guess what you can get from my little store! Tin tile! I have two in my space. The fronts are red, and the backs are just beautiful metal. Tin tiles were very popular in the Victorian era and are once again popular. These, often elaborate ceilings in homes, from the eighteen hundreds, were more than just… Continue reading Decorating With Tin Tile


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Do you like that picture? I’ll get back to it! What inspires you? You really never know when something may jump out and inspire you. I can however, almost always count on inspiration, when in Savannah. The architecture of the homes, the plants in the gardens, and the colors of food, all were my inspiration on… Continue reading Inspiration