Starbucks Cold Cream Dupe with a Protein Packed Twist

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I am so excited to share this! This Starbucks Cold Cream Dupe is a a fast way to get 30g of protein! That’s a huge deal for those of us trying to get more protein into our diets.

I was playing around on Instagram or Pinterest and I saw a how-to video for getting the cold cream to thicken using a French press. So I asked my husband if he’d like me to try it on his coffee. I opened the fridge and I pulled out our milk, but then I noticed our boxes of protein and the thought hit me. I wasn’t sure if it would grow in the way the cream would, but I thought it would be worth the attempt and it was.

I have only tried it with this brand of protein, but I plan to mix up some of my other protein mixes and try it with them. All you need is a French press. It is super quick and easy.

Just place the liquid in the press and repeatedly plunge the press until you have doubled the protein mixture. Mine almost tripled. Then pour it onto your coffee. Obviously, the amount of protein will vary depending on what you used. If you use this brand they promise 30 grams. Your morning coffee now has a 30g protein gain!

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