Repost of my Figolli Recipe

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Repost of my Figolli Recipe

Hi Everyone!

It’s Figolli Time!

This is the night before Easter, and I just finished making my figolli for tomorrow. I thought I should probably re-post my recipe, in hopes that you will make them tomorrow, or even this coming week. Traditionally these cookies are given as gifts to loved ones for Easter. But just because you didn’t make them yet, doesn’t mean that shouldn’t. They are absolutely delicious!

Click here for my figolli recipe and a step by step guide!

2 thoughts on “Repost of my Figolli Recipe

  1. Hi Tessa, my name is Carmela, I was born in Naxxar, Malta. My Dad was from Naxxar and my Mom from Zebbug. I came to the United States when I Was 11 yrs. old. I. Visited Malt 2 Times, and possibly do it again nest year. I have over 100 relatives still in Malta.I used to make Pastezzi all the time, and still do., I will be making them in the next couple of weeks, my 8. grand kids want to learn how to make them, so I know it’s going to be lots. of fun.
    But you are right, No parmesan cheese, or any cheese. But on the listed recipe you don’t list ( 2 to 3 eggs. / 3 egg yokes , and only 2 egg whites.
    Send me an e-mail when you have time.
    Sincerely ….Carmela

    1. Hello! Yes, this recipe is a bit different, but I promise you won’t miss the eggs! The taste of these mostly remind me of the “wedding” pastizzi at Cafe Cordina.

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