When a Book Feels Like a Trip to the Spa, Perfectly Yourself by Matthew Kelly

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When a book feels like a trip to the spa, you just want to share it with everyone. “Perfectly yourself” by Matthew Kelly is a book you will want to share with someone in your life. Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Had a moment where you wanted to get to really know yourself? This is your book. Matthew Kelly uses an inspired approach to solving those questions with you. That sounds like a commercial right? It’s not. I just truly loved it.

I received this book as a gift. As we left Church on Christmas Eve, this book was handed out to everyone. I don’t typically read books that could be considered, Self Help.  However, with the New Year upon me, I always reflect over my year and wonder how I can better myself over the next year. This book fit this particular moment.

Kelly wrote some pretty good advise, for example the difference between pleasure and happiness. He used examples of dieting. His description was an epiphany for me. No wonder that one doughnut is never enough! There were multiple moments where I had moments of “Yes! this is what I needed to hear, know, understand”.

The book is written in easy chapters. In addition, at the end of each chapter there is a review of tips to apply to yourself. I truly feel that this book was a valuable read.

My Rating

I give it a 4 Book Mark review and of course, this book is G rated.

Finally, if you’d like a quick link to this book on Amazon, click the image below.

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