A Chick Lit Author that is One to Follow!

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Chick Lit!

I love Chick Lit! That is why I am so happy when I come across a chick lit author that is one to follow. Hester Browne isn’t the typical Chick Lit author. Her work is calm and relaxing, yet fun. I am really happy to have found a new author (to me) that already has a bunch of books to read.

I first stumbled upon her book “The Runaway Princess” which led me to look up other books written by her. That’s what brings us to today’s review of “The Vintage Girl”. This book is about a girl, Evie, who loves all things vintage and works as an antique dealer.  She sets out on a job that is also a journey in love as she goes on a trip to a castle in Scotland to valuate the valuables.

As in most Chick Lit, there are no big surprises, the story line is a pretty simple boy meets girl. However, I appreciate the setting, the antiques, the ball, the reels, and the subtle romance.

I have most of her other books on my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads, and I am looking forward to them. There is nothing like Chick Lit when you just want to unwind.

My Rating

I give this book 3 Book Marks because it’s not an “oh my goodness you must read this” but it is enjoyable and a nice book to read while sitting next to your fireplace during this cold January.

As far as an audience rating, this book is hard for me to rate. It is very clean, and I can’t remember any foul language. The romance is all very g-rated. However, there is the build up of couples wanting to have their first kiss and a couple mild double entendres. So, I’d say to skip this for a young teen, but possibly allow for older teens.


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