A Star Wars Storm Trooper Big Boy Bedroom

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A Star Wars big boy bedroom!

We had a super busy weekend. My youngest son has been asking for a big boy bedroom. After lots of conversations about what the room should look like he picked a Star Wars big boy bedroom with a mix of “beachy”.

As I sat down to plan the design of his room, I knew that I needed it to be something that he’d like from his currant age of ten throughout middle school and high school. I wanted a room that would grow with him. I was relieved when he chose a storm trooper because the colors are white, grey and black! So classic. He pointed out that his storm trooper has green eyes and blue vent marks, so we new to incorporate that too.

I decided to do board and batten around his room. I love this look. It is classic, fresh and clean. It also give the room the “beachy” coastal look he wanted. Coastal, check!  The white is so crisp and makes the room feel tidy. Since my little guy is my walking disaster, the cleaner I can make the design the better. That was a problem with his little boy room. That room was blue and yellow and I decided on a rugby stripe around the room. The stripe was really cool, but the shade of yellow we had chose was just wrong. While the room felt happy, it did not feel clean. Here are some images of how the room looked.

We knew we needed furniture so we started our Saturday with a trip to IKEA. We purchased the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser and matching nights stand. I am pleased to report that it is solid wood. IKEA has come a long way! He chose the dark grey shade after walking throughout the store with his storm trooper to “see how he looks with stuff”.

From there we headed to Home Depot. We matched his storm trooper to countless grey cards until he found the perfect match. He chose “Chance of Rain” from Behr Paint. However, since Behr is a bit more expensive than Glidden paint we had the store do a color match. There’s a tip for you! If you like the color but not the price, just ask for a color match.

We began by priming the room.


Then we started the work on the board and batten. This is a super simple project. You just place the horizontal boards around the room first and then the verticals. We placed the verticals two-feet apart from each other. The project is pretty darn fast if  you use a nail gun. After, use wood putty in the nail wholes. It takes just about 15 minutes to do the putty.

It was then time to paint. We began with the top of the wall and painted used the grey paint. Then we painted the board and batten white. It took about 4 hours for all of the painting. Wow, what a difference!

Then it was time to assemble the IKEA furniture….That took some time. This is what one o’clock on a Saturday night looks like in our house. We are such party animals.

Last night we put all of the furniture in its places and with my little guys help we decorated the room. I had also grabbed these awesome white shelves from IKEA. If you like the crisp white, make sure you grab the EKBY TONY. He wanted shelving to display his lego star wars creations. Having places to put his creations really made him happy. He is proud to display his creations and loves that they are safely out of the way of accidental breaks during play…

I found this neat 3-d storm trooper picture from Hobby Lobby and this really awesome Light Saber Night Light on amazon.

This may be my favorite of his Christmas gifts. You mount it to the wall and it comes with a remote control. As he lays in bed at night, he can use the remote control to activate his Light Saber Night Light. He can pick from several colors. It turns off after a while, so it’s perfect for him to fall asleep to. It also has sound effects. To say he loves it is putting it lightly. If you know anyone who loves Star Wars, young or old, you need to get this for them.

I have fallen in love with the room and more importantly so has he. We really achieved a timeless bedroom to raise our little guy in. I did sit on the edge of his bed last night and look around at all of his LEGOS. I wondered what they would be replaced with has he grows older. Time slow down.

Above: The green lamp and green bins were our use of the green storm trooper eyes.

Below: The blue from the venting on the Storm Trooper was the inspo for this bedding.


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