Treasure Hunting Christmas Decorations: decorating while saving money

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I have been so excited to write this post, Treasure Hunting Christmas Decorations: decorating while saving money. It’s been on my mind for the past two weeks, but I’ve been busy making Christmas magic for my little guys. Happily, I just wrapped the last of the presents and have everything checked on my to do list. It’s now time for a little me time, and that means writing to you guys. I thought I’d give you a tour of my Christmas decorating, using some fun ways to be creative and save some money.

Now, I am not about to pretend that all of my decorating is treasure finds. I love a mixture of the both brand spanking new and awesome finds. I still like the fun of getting something all shiny and new that is the latest trend. This year miniature Christmas trees were everywhere and I loved them. For six trees, I spent $60. I love them, they are timeless, and I will look forward to setting them up in the coming years. However, the rush I get when I find treasure makes me a different type of happy.

treasure hunting christmas decorations
The 6 trees in the back and center are the new ones. The three front trees I already had. The one all the way to the left came from my childhood dollhouse.

My Yearly Game of Treasure Hunting Christmas Decorations

Last year, I stopped at a local thrift store to leave some donations. While I was there, I noticed a large Christmas section. I walked through and it was a light bulb moment! I saw decorations for pennies compared to the prices I had just seen  at chain stores. Shelves were full of bags and bags of ornaments for $1. Other shelves held endless amounts of garlands. There were racks of Christmas wreaths and tons of greenery. Not to mention, the Christmas china and other decorations.

To make things even more amazing, because it was just a week before Christmas, they had all the decorations marked down 50%. Guys, are you with me! We are talking thrift store prices marked down 50%.

During that trip, I bought bags of retro green ornaments, garlands, and wreaths. It was then and there that I  decided that I would make it my yearly treasure hunting mission. Here’s one of the finds! Love these ornaments.

treasure hunting christmas decorations

treasure hunting christmas decorations

This year, I was super excited to see if I had just been lucky last year, or if I could do it again. Guess what, I did it! I bought all the wreaths I needed. 4 small wreaths, 1 large and 4 miniature wreaths (they encircle pillar candles) all for $6. I also scored this giant gold ornament for $3. The ornament was in it’s original packaging and had been priced at $16. The cool thing about shopping in a store like this, aside from the price, is that you are giving a second life to these objects. These castoffs get another chance to shine in Christmas splendor. That makes me happy. I know these things don’t have feelings, but I’ve seen Toy Story!

Here is the giant gold ornament! It is what inspired this blog post. For real! Treasure hunting Christmas decorations makes me feel like I won something!

treasure hunting christmas decorations

My other little treasure hunt is to the Dollar Tree. This is a good spot for a few gift bags and tissue paper. These little wreaths that I use in my kitchen widow transoms came from there. They have little bows and bells on them.

treasure hunting christmas decorations

I’m telling you, the wreaths and these sparkle Christmas bags are every bit as good as the quality that you’d find in any big box store.

treasure hunting christmas decorations

Now I do realize that after Christmas things go on major sales, and you can get amazing things for great prices. I do that too. However, leading up to Christmas, as I sit watching Hallmark movies and looking at all the decor, I get inspired to do a few new things. Treasure hunting allows me to do that and feel like I beat the big stores. I like a game and that’s how it feels. What can I find? What does what I find inspire me to do?  It also leaves extra money for buying gifts for Santa to take credit for. Oy!

The Tour of  Treasure Hunting Christmas Decorations!

Let’s start with outside. All of these garlands were from the thrift store. One had that red bow attached to it.  Then, for the front porch, I wanted little wreaths for my transom windows. Score! Could I have picked a more dreary day to take these pictures?

treasure hunting christmas decorations

treasure hunting christmas decorations

treasure hunting christmas decorations


In the foyer, I used some old vintage tiny gift decor. For these I scoured my parents attic! Free!  I used a serving dish to hold them.


The foyer is also where we place our Nativity. At night, my little family lights the advent candles and says prayers. The boys then get a treat out of the advent calendar. I grabbed this silver plated dish at the thrift store for a dollar ( I left it tarnished because I actually like the look). The candle snuffer comes from the dollar tree.

treasure hunting christmas decorations


In the dining room, I used the little wreaths I bought for 25 cents at the thrift store. This was one of those moments where I wasn’t looking for it but when I saw it, it inspired the table setting. I saw the little wreaths, and I thought they would look nice with white pillar candles and wooden bases. That natural look went nicely with the plaid table cloth. The runner is a table cloth I folded when I couldn’t find a plaid runner. That was a TJmaxx buy for only $10. My favorite decoration in this room was FREE! The white paper chains just make me so happy. The chains were inspired after watching ELF for the billionth time this week. I made them in a few minutes and they really added fun to the room. My dad remembers this being the decoration he had in his youth.


And that leads us to my final favorite decor . My older son helped me turn white coffee filters into snowflakes and we put them everywhere. We made 80! I love how they look on my bookshelves. And the large wreath and more garland for the kitchen. Please excuse the lighting. Today was very overcast.



That’s it guys! Hope I gave you some ideas and that you had fun seeing how treasure hunting Christmas decorations can lead to some pretty finds. All of that was just about $20- $25. It makes me proud to know that a little ingenuity made a pretty space to celebrate Christmas!

If you happen to be South of Atlanta, check out Clothes Less Traveled which is the store where I find my Christmas treasures. They are a great organization that gives back to the community. See, your not just decorating, but your also doing something good.



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