Reese’s Pieces Hot Chocolate the must drink recipe of this winter

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Guys!!!! You have to try this Reese’s Pieces Hot Chocolate! If you love hot chocolate, try it! If you love peanut butter with chocolate, try it!

This is not my recipe, but all the pictures on this page are of the cup that I made. I was on facebook, and I saw a shared post from a friend. It was from here is the link to their recipe.

This is how I did it!

I have to admit, I am an instant Swill Miss hot chocolate lover. I like to buy the variety Christmas boxes of Swiss Miss. You know the ones. They come in a set of five. Each box has a Christmas character on it, and it comes in assorted flavors: mint, caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and french vanilla. Hold on, let me see if I can find a link. Found it!  Click on that to see what I am talking about. That price is crazy high though. I usually buy them from Target for $9.99. I digress!

I do love this stuff though. I look forward to December and stock up. Last year, I bought 7 of these variety packs. I drink one a day, and it’s my happy moment. I sit in this spot, next to my tree, and read and drink hot chocolate everyday that I can December through February.

christmas spot

It’s my thing. In summer, I go wild on ice-cream and in the winter, hot chocolate is my best friend. Ug. I digressed again.

Really, how I did it!

Ok. Wipe the rim of your cup with peanut butter.

Dip the cup into crushed Reese’s Pieces.

Now pour your favorite hot chocolate into the prepared cup.

Top with whip cream.

Drizzle melted chocolate and melted peanut butter on top.

Drink and get carried away to your happy place!


Tell me if you tried it! Find me on Instagram and comment on this picture or leave a comment here! MMM Reese’s Pieces Hot Chocolate!

reese's Pieces Hot Chocolate reese's pieces hot chocolate reese's pieces hot chocolate




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