Italian Sprinkle Cookies: a link to a must try recipe

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Hi guys! I just made Italian Sprinkle Cookies for the first time! This isn’t really a blog post. I just wanted to quickly get on here and share a recipe I found that you should really try. All credit goes to Jaclyn over at Classy Kitchen.  I saw a picture of Italian Sprinkle cookies on Pinterest and they looked so perfect that I had to make them.  After scouring the Internet, I found this one by Classy Kitchen.

I have just become a Pinterest follower of hers. She has recipes for ricotta pancakes, ricotta pasta dishes, and so many recipes that don’t use ricotta. Every once in a while I stumble across someone who has so many recipes that look so good that it is impossible to just pin a few. You just have to become a follower. This is one of those accounts. If you have any bloggers that you follow that I should check out, please leave a comment!

Back to the cookies!

My surprise came after these were cookies were baked. I was expected the texture of a sugar cookie. I had no idea the cookie would have such a soft texture.  When you bite into it, it has the soft consistency of a doughnut. These cookies go perfectly with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. I would know, I just had five for breakfast!

I followed the recipe to a T and it makes a ton of cookies! The only change I made was to the icing. Her icing calls for butter and milk, however since I like to store my cookies at room temperature I opted to make my icing using just powdered sugar, fresh squeezed lemon juice and water. I have no measurements for my icing because I asked my make it while I continued to pull pan after pan of these from the oven.   You basically just add water to powdered sugar until it’s the icing consistency you would like and then squeeze the lemon in until you reach your desired taste.

Here is a picture of how my cookies turned out. Thank you Jacklyn! I look forward to trying your other ricotta dessert recipes!

Italian Sprinkle Cookies


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