RV Remodel Day 2! The Clock is Ticking!

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RV Reno Day 2! The clock is ticking!


Before setting out on a two week road trip that would take us through deserts and mountains, we knew that we should have a mechanic go over every bit of the RV. Although, the previous owners did say it was in perfect running order, we thought we should be double sure. In this case, all was well, the RV received a perfect report. The issue is that we lost time to work on the RV while it was at the mechanics for two days. So, we were now just 2 days from departure. Remember that list from day one of our renovation blog?

Here it is again. Thankfully this time the first two things are done.

The To-Do List

Lay down new updated faux wood floor ( the old floor had a discolored yellowish look) DONE

Remove queen bed and build two twin beds and a closet. DONE

Put in a new table top ( the one that was there was broken)

Reupholster sofa, bench seats, valances.

Make new curtains off of the patterns of the old.

Paint the cabinets (only in the bathroom)

Paint the walls. ( the wall paper was fine, but it was so RV looking. I wanted to make it more like a home)

Paint the screen door and front step. (both just looked very worn)

Install a backup camera.

At this point, we are starting to think that everything might not get done. Although, I secretly have in my mind that I will not sleep until it is complete. I have a vision in my mind and can’t think of not seeing it come to fruition. Just in case, we prioritize the list. We know that the new table top is a must, as is installing a back up camera. So my husband focuses on that today. Since I can not leave well enough alone, I am curious and I had pulled a piece of loose wall border. It came off super easy. However, under it was dried glue.  So in my mind painting the bathroom is a priority. Since paint is on my mind, I begin to tackle the front door too.


The front door!

This change was super fast, easy, and made a big difference.  You just need a can of spray paint to make this clean looking difference.


It looks much cleaner on the inside too. I also like that it matches the widow frames.


For some fun stenciling ideas, check out this blog. She is really creative with her front door and adds a welcome sign and chandelier to hers. While, I don’t have time to stencil anything, the idea to spray paint the door came from her.

Oh and use gloves.


While I am at it, I sprayed the black step going up to the front door too. My husband installed new grip tape. It looks like new.



The Bathroom

Ok, Let’s take a moment to see the before. There is nothing wrong with it. It just needs a bit of an update and more storage for towels. Do you see that border wall paper? Yep, that is what I curiously pulled, and what started the painting adventure.


First, we took the mirror off of the wall and the door knobs off the cabinets.

I put my big little guy to work on the mirror. I want to have some fun with colors in this room because it’s an RV, and it’s meant for fun. We decided on grey and yellowish green for this room. The yellowish green is for the mirror frame.

I made my own chalk paint for the cabinets. To do that, just take whatever color paint you like and sift in plaster of paris until you reach your desired consistency.

After the cabinets are done it is time for the walls.  Now, other blogs will scare you and make you think you need primer and special paint. You don’t. I applied two coats of a light beige, normal, cheap, Home Depot paint in eggshell. I did pull the black border wall paper off; however, I painted directly on the RV manufacturers wallpaper.

…and since it was so easy, I kept going and did all the walls of the RV, except for the room in the back that has the cool cottage walls. Here is the before and after of the walls and cabinets.

My husband then finished the floor and rehung the mirror. While shopping for cleaning supplies at Walmart I found baskets in the dish isle. This type of basket is for hanging on an under-the-sink door. If you pull the metal brackets off , you can hang them on the wall for increased towel storage space.

The Kitchen

Really, this doesn’t deserve it’s own heading because the work is so minimal. The kitchen walls are only a couple feet, and we changed out the faucet and installed a sprayer. It makes a huge difference though. Somehow, I don’t have a straight on picture of the kitchen but you get the idea from this picture.



Here is a side by side, so you can see the paint coverage that 2 coats of normal paint achieve.

I am literally covered in paint from head to toe, but the job is DONE!

All that is left is to do upholstery tomorrow and decorate.

Here are the bathroom before and afters!






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