RV Remodel Day 3, 4, and Help! RV Upholstery Daysssss

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RV Remodel Day 3, 4, and Help! RV upholstery daysssss…. Down to the wire and all the major tasks are complete; however, I really want to change all the upholstery.

My husband and friend think I can’t pull this off. Albeit, time is against me. I haven’t shopped for our travel needs, and haven’t packed or cooked the meals I plan to stock the freezer with. Their doubt though is what drives me to complete my vision. I figure there will be plenty of hours in an RV to sleep. Now, I will work around the clock. Happily, my husband is eager to help at the sight of the new air powered staple gun.

Here is that list of to do’s again from day one.

The to-do list

Lay down new updated faux wood floor ( the old floor had a discolored yellowish look) DONE

Remove queen bed and build two twin beds and a closet. DONE

Put in a new table top ( the one that was there was broken) DONE

Reupholster sofa, bench seats, valances.

Make new curtains off of the patterns of the old.

Paint the cabinets (only in the bathroom) DONE

Paint the walls. ( the wall paper was fine, but it was so RV looking. I wanted to make it more like a home) DONE

Paint the screen door and front step. (both just looked very worn) DONE

Install a backup camera. DONE


 RV Upholstery: The Last Project

Why am I so set to redo the cushions and curtains? They are old and dated and not my style. They are also not what I envisioned, and I want to make what I see in my mind happen. I want to see if I can. Plus, the curtains are showing some age stains and nearly can’t be called fabric. The material is so old that it is actually brittle.

I enlisedt my father’s help. He is a Master Tailor and can knock out sewing projects super fast. With my dad focusing on curtains, I can focus on the valances, sofa, and banquet.

First thing that we have to do is go shopping.

RV Upholstery Shopping

I want grey fabric for the seats. Grey is calming, modern and clean, perfect for the sofa and valances. For the curtains I want white, I always like white curtains because they are bright and airy. For the banquette, I want something that stands out. While I want the interior to be clean and modern, I also want to keep it fun.

We look at every piece of upholstery fabric Joann’s Fabric carries. This curtain fabric catches my eye. The front of the fabric is a tight weave that I Scotch Guard and can be kept clean. The back of the fabric is lined. Having liner on the back helps in two ways. One, it is a perfect black out liner, perfect for keeping the sun out when the curtain is drawn, and also added privacy. Secondly, the material has a different weight to it. It can easily fold and create tight corners. That is just what I needed. I picked up some Velcro as well.

As you can see I took a plank of the flooring with me. I want to make sure all the colors compliment each other.


The Process of RV Upholstery

Covering the cushions takes all night. The banquet is pretty easy. I just lay the cushion in the middle of my fabric and cover it as if I was wrapping a present. Instead of Scotch Tape to close the sides, as when wrapping a present, I use Velcro. I had found the idea in a tutorial online.

Covering the sofa wasn’t as easy. The sofa is a jack knife bed, so the bottom cushion is attached to a metal frame. It was too bulky to stay close with just Velcro. Also, it needs to be super secure due to opening and closing. I did have to stitch the fabric down. That took time since the underneath layer of fabric is so thick. It also was tough to push the needle through. It did hurt my fingers. MUST INVEST IN THIMBLE.

I finish sewing at 3 something AM. It was a long night. Thank goodness for a DVR full of Real Housewives recordings and Southern Charm.

The next day, I work on the valances. I just cover what is already there and stapled the new fabric around the back. I didn’t take photos while I did this, because I was hustling to get done. Here is a link to someone who had a similar approach.


I’m so thankful that my father is so skilled, and that he happened to be visiting. He takes the old curtains and cuts patterns. He makes my simple white curtains in no time.

Just One Day Left

Tonight, I will assemble all of it. I will spend tomorrow shopping for trip supplies and moving into the RV. Get ready for the reveal! I know I am ready to get on the road.

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