Rustic Fruit and Cookie Cobbler so quick and easy

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Rustic Cookie Cobbler is a favorite of ours. I make this for my own family, as well as, when I entertain. I’ve also taken this dish to pot lucks and each time that I do someone asks for the recipe.

Happily, I learned this very quick and easy recipe while watching Food Network. Cook Sandra Lee shared her recipe for Berry Cookie Cobbler. Here, I modify her recipe using different fruit. I leave out the additional sugar, and I also use different amounts of each fruit.  This recipe is plenty sweet on its own. I must give credit to her though. Her idea to use sugar cookie dough as the topping is genius!

How is this recipe Maltese? Well, only in that I choose fruit that is found in Malta and reminds me of summer on the Island. Summertime harvests in Malta produce a variety of fruits. My favorite fruit at harvest time are Maltese peaches. I’m not sure that they taste any different from peaches here, but there is something intoxicating about eating them while relaxing on a boat in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Another common fruit in Malta is mulberries. To me, they look just like blackberries. This article about the differences is pretty neat. I also use strawberries in this dish.

In Malta, my home is across the street from a vegetable and fruit farm. In the morning, I walk over to the farm store and grab the days fresh fruit. Picking these fruits to add to this cobbler takes me to those mornings. A rustic dessert compiled of fruit from a rustic farm.

Currently though, I am not at that home but instead enjoying life in the Southern United States. Now, I am still surrounded by fruit farms but this recipe is about quick and easy so we are sticking to frozen fruit. Here, the grocery store doesn’t have mulberries so I use blackberries.

So, this is what you need. You will not use all of it if using an 8 x 8 dish.

The recipe

There is no need for a mixing bowl. Simply fill the bottom of a 8 x 8 dish with fruit. I used 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries, 2 cups of blackberries, and 1 cup of peaches.


On top of this spread, the entire 21 oz can of peaches. The reason you use this pie filling fruit in a can is because it already has sugar and cornstarch mixed in. Time saver!


To this, just sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. No need to mix in.

Over the cinnamon, just plunk the sugar cookie dough. You can use the sugar cookie in a tube, but I like using the pre-cut cookie dough. That way I can make sure there is an even layer. Any extras can be baked and given to impatient children and husbands. It’s almost cookie cobbler time!

Now bake. Yep, that’s it! Super fast and easy! Place it in an oven that is preheated to 350 degrees. At 45 minutes raise the heat to 425 degrees. At this point, watch it. The cookies will brown fast depending on your oven.

Once the cookies have browned, pull them out of the oven and serve. You will notice that under the browned cookie crust the cookie dough is still gooey!


Top with your favorite vanilla ice cream. My favorite vanilla is made by Breyers. I mean really! cookies, cobbler and ice cream!


Enjoy this cookie cobbler in summer or winter. The berries make this a beautiful holiday dessert. However, today I’m enjoying it on the back deck while watching the kid’s swim.




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