RV Remodel Day 1 The Countdown Begins

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RV Remodel Day 1! The back bedroom and flooring. Before and after photos are at the bottom of this post!

I love to remodel. This RV is a blank canvas for me. With only 8 days before we depart, we have a lot to do.

Now, I realize that none of these changes are necessary. However, if I am going to live in this for 2 weeks, I want to feel like it’s mine. Plus, it’s just fun to do. With every design choice, I think of resale and what others will like as well. Also, important to think about, is that this is a moving home. Every design choice must be light, flexible, and stable.


The to-do list

Lay down new updated faux wood floor ( the old floor had a discolored yellowish look)

Remove queen bed and build two twin beds and a closet.

Put in a new table top ( the one that was there was broken)

Reupholster sofa, bench seats, valances.

Make new curtains off of the patterns of the old.

Paint the cabinets (only in the bathroom)

Paint the walls. ( the wall paper was fine, but it was so RV looking. I wanted to make it more like a home)

Paint the screen door and front step. (both just looked very worn)

Install a backup camera.


The Cleanup

First thing is to clean it from top to bottom. Although, the previous owners took good care of it, it had been parked and the weather had got her a bit grimy. Friends helped us scrub from the roof down.



The Demo

After the scrub down, we set out to tackle the back bedroom. We demoed the bed and cabinet to reach the floor for its new flooring and to build the new layout and storage.

The reason we removed the queen bed was because this room originally was a bunk bed room. The people we purchased it from converted it into a queen bed. They ran the bed horizontally. It was a pretty tight squeeze to try to walk around and it minimized the storage that I wanted. Also, it meant you have to share a bed back there. I wanted twin beds so that I could put storage under, have a good size walkway, and a large closet in between. I was able to add a shelf over both beds for more storage. Having twin beds also means that we aren’t locked into ever having to share that bed. So if my husband and his friends and their sons wanted to go on a guy trip, they had better living arrangements.

As a major plus, the people before us also put up wainscoting. It really makes the room feel like a beach cottage!

This is what we had to demo out.



RV flooring

After demo, we started the floors. We used peel and stick faux wood floors that we bought from Home Depot. This stuff was super easy! This job went much faster than my husband expected it to go, to his relief. The only tool needed was a knife to cut around corners and cut some pieces to length. Even my little guy joined in on the job.

As you can see, on the right side is where some of the mechanics are for the RV. So we had to keep that box. It fits a twin bed perfectly. So all we had to do was build a box on the left side. We used wood and a pipe for one leg. We left the space underneath open for storage bins.





RV flooring makeover

Here is what the before and after of the floor looks like.

RV flooring makeover



The Construction

Once the flooring was laid, we were able to begin construction on the bed and closet.

Here is the new twin bed! We built a wooden frame., placed what is called a bunkie board on that, and bought some new mattresses.




We built a simple shelf and used a wooden dowel to keep the bins in place. Unlike building things for a house, in an RV, I had to keep in mind things are moving. Remember to keep everything stable. Not only will this prevent things from falling, but it will also minimize rattling sounds as you drive down the road. That can get super annoying!



My husband also built this closet. My plan is to fold pants, shorts, underclothing, etc into the bins.  I want a closet to hang all shirts , sweat shirts and for me dresses. Here is a tip! Use the felt covered hangers. As a result, while driving clothes wont slip off!




The Bedroom Result

That is a ton of change already!

Finally, the before and after of back bedroom. More in the next post!

RV remodel before and after



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