We Bought an RV! Meet Harvey the RV

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We bought an RV! Meet Harvey the RV! Well, Harvey before the makeover… Day 1 . 8 days before departure.


What do you do when you are set to leave in nine days, for a two week RV trip out west? If you are us, you procrastinate. As you begin to call rental companies, you get the bright idea that buying a used RV might be more fun, and even a money saver.  You get on Craigslist, and see two that you like. Negotiate a deal and drive home with your new home on wheels. That was what we did in a nutshell. Then came the whirlwind remodel.

Our plan (original plan) was to begin in Atlanta, Georgia and see parts of New Mexico and Yellowstone in Wyoming. That was the plan. Everything in between was up in the air (the up in the air part turned into a great adventure). At first, we thought about actually flying out West and renting an RV nearby. We had done that the year before. We thought about flying into New Mexico, and then, doing a separate flight to Wyoming. That plan would have us rent two RVs. So then, we thought, lets fly into New Mexico and rent one RV, driving it to Wyoming. The catch there was three one way flights for four people and a one way RV rental, all  more expensive. So then, we thought about renting an RV from Atlanta. The cost was pretty darn high too.

We looked on craiglist and saw RV’s in the 8- 15,000 price range. Knowing that we’d be saving airfare for four people, hotels, restaurants, and rental fees, it became apparent that buying a used RV made sense. We estimated that the trip would cost us $5,000. We could either give a rental company that money, and of course have pictures and memories to show for it, or we could spend a few thousand extra and have an RV at the end of it, plus pictures and memories. We figured at the end of the trip we could just sell the RV for what we bought it for, and have have enjoyed a free trip. Well, that part hasn’t happened yet, we kind of got attached to Harvey.

So, with the decision made, we zeroed in on our favorite RV listing on Craigslist. We drove to Alabama to look at it. We were fortunate that the previous owners really had loved it and had cared for it. Nothing was wrong with her, all she needed was a little updating.

We took it for a test drive and negotiated a great price. Of course, everyone involved had to sleep on the negotiation. So we drove home without it. The next day, all the decisions had been made, and we drove back to Alabama to pick up our new family member, Harvey.

Here are the before pictures! Next post, the RV makeover!

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