A Perfect Cup of Tea ( Nannu Tony Tea)

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Nannu Tony Tea time.

This really is a perfect cup of tea. It’s sweet and has a hint of caramel. It is a comfort tea, as well as something that I treat myself with instead of a dessert.

My Nannu (grandfather) loved having at least one cup of tea everyday. As a child, I always found the way that he needed his tea served to be interesting.  He always wanted his tea in a glass, never a teacup and never a mug. He also loved it sweet. As I grew up I learned that this wasn’t as unique as I had thought. Drinking tea in glasses or in clear glass tea cups is a usual in parts of Europe as well as Asia, as is the sweetness. This tea is also called Hong Kong Tea, Hong Kong Milk Tea and also Milk Tea.

When I went shopping for my fist home I went to World Market in search glass tea cups and mugs. Since, I live in Georgia I also thought it would be fun to use mason jars instead of regular glassware. My Nannu would have plenty of tea cups to choose from here.

I now make this tea for my boys. We lovingly call it Nannu Tony Tea.

Here is what you need. Back tea, evaporated milk, and sugar. I love this Bigelow Black Tea however, my Nannu would use either a bag of Tetley or Lipton.

Brew your tea according to the manufacturers specifications. Different teas steep for different times. This type of tea steeps for 4 minutes. I pour my boiling water into a glass that already has my sugar and the tea bag waiting. I love sweet tea so I use between 2-3 teaspoons of sugar depending on the size of my glass.


Now, this is where the special happens. You use evaporated milk to further sweeten your tea. Evaporated milk is known for its caramel flavor. How much you add is dependent on your liking. In my 12 oz glass I used 3 oz of the milk, my children prefer more.

Now I do have to point out this doily. I pour the left over milk into a small pitcher and cover it and keep it in the fridge. This doily is as Maltese as it gets. Malta is known for its lace. You will find these clothes covering many pitchers in the older Maltese homes. They can easily be found at the open air markets. The beads used, help to add weight to the cloth so it doesn’t fall off. As a child, my mother would play with these beads in an elaborate kids game, much like marbles.


So there you have it. A sweet caramel tasting tea. Nannu Tony Tea.



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