Roasted Curry and Honey Carrots

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Roasted Curry and Honey Carrots!

Hi! Forgive me, I took the summer off! My last post was the first Monday of summer vacation. At that point my children took over my Mondays and we had a blast NOT thinking about work or school. I did miss blogging though and will find a more creative way of working through next summer. I’m guessing some very late nights, because I don’t want to give up being able to sleep in during summer.

So now it is officially fall! In my house this means the meals get a bit more heartier.  First up for fall is something quick and easy. Just because the meals get heartier it doesn’t mean they get less healthy.

My oldest son loves roasted carrots. I decided to make my first fall blog about one of his favorites. You can add these to the side of so many dishes.

Ready for quick and easy? Let’s go.

roasted curry and honey carrots


We are going to do this recipe without measurements. I figure 3-4 carrots per person in my family. Peel your carrots and cut off the tops. Then slice them in half long ways down the middle.


roasted curry and honey carrots


Drizzle olive oil over the carrots. Enough to get a good roast going. They should not be swimming in oil, but also be sure they have enough oil that they don’t dry out.


roasted curry and honey carrots


No, it’s not the same picture. At this point drizzle honey over the carrots. Enough to get them nicely coated.


roasted curry and honey carrots

Here add salt and pepper to taste. Then use your favorite curry powder. Using a set of tongs toss the carrots to make sure all of the flavors are evenly distributed.


roasted curry and honey carrots


roasted curry and honey carrots


Pop them in the oven set at 375 for 15-20 minutes, until tender and golden.


How simple is that!


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