Salmon Cakes (Pulpetti tas-Salamun)

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Salmon Cakes (Pulpetti tas-Salamun)


Salmon Cakes (Pulpetti tas-Salamun) are a family favorite. The flavor is light and fresh. They are easy to make  since you are just using canned salmon. They are inexpensive. Best of all, you can make a ton of them and freeze them. You can then bake or pan fry them at your convenience.

Because salmon cakes can easily store in the fridge and freezer, they are really a convenient family meal. You can pull a couple out and eat them with a side salad . My husband likes to make sandwiches or fish burgers with them. They pair wonderfully with a glass of white wine.

They are full of protein and great to have available when dieting and eating healthy. I like to keep some healthy quick items in my freezer. At any time I have salmon cakes, black bean burgers, and small jars of homemade soup available for a quick healthy meal.

You will begin with one baked potato. Make sure the potato is pealed and then mash it using a fork.


Grate one zucchini and add it to the bowl .


Now add your salmon. I like to buy wild caught Alaskan pink salmon. Try to get it boneless, however, even when it is be sure to check for bones. I seem to always find a couple. Once the salmon is added, squeeze in fresh lemon.



Now, add about 3 TBS of fresh parsley. Add more if you’d like more. I love parsley.


Now add 1 TBS of dijon mustard and 1 heaping TBS of Parmesan.


Your final ingredient is an egg. See! Easy!


Now add salt and pepper to taste and  just mix it together. Then form the salmon cakes into what ever size patty you’d like. If your going to use it as a burger, make them large. I like to make mine this size and place them on top of a fresh or Cesar Salad.



At this point you can place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze them. Once hard, you can stack them (keeping parchment paper in between each patty) and wrap them in plastic wrap to keep in the freezer.

Whenever you are ready to cook these, you have two options. You can bake them or fry them in a pan. Either way, just make sure you cook them long enough to cook the raw egg and brown them.

Salmon Cakes (Pulpetti tas-Salamun)
Salmon Cakes (Pulpetti tas-Salamun)

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  1. Oh my Gosh!!! These sound amazing!! I have all the ingredients except fresh parsley, which I need to plant asap!! Thank you again!!

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