Bigilla the Really Easy Way

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With summer approaching I love healthy light snacks and Bigilla is a favorite. It seems that every get together that I attend hummus seems to be somewhere on the table, so I started offering it to guests myself. Then I realized, wait, we (Maltese)  have our own version of Hummus called Bigilla that I think is even better. I really want my friends to get a sense of who I am when they visit, so I want to offer my food. Bigilla gives Hummus a run for it’s money!

Traditionally Bigilla is made with Broad beans, which are Fava beans. Traditional methods will even have you soak the bean over night. While some things I like doing from scratch, Bigilla is something I like to make quickly and set aside.

This dish is great as a snack with crackers or pita or served as a side dish. I think it goes great on the plate next to a piece of really nice white fish and a glass of white wine. Ah, now that is the perfect summer dinner.

As I explained in one of my first Maltese Mama Monday posts, some of my recipes will be authentic, some a Maltese-American blend, and others just a nod to Maltese flavors. I would say  that this Bigilla recipe is a Maltese-American blend. I say this only because I have switched the bean. Red beans are really easy to come by where I live and I love them, so this recipe uses them.

I want to say a quick thank you to all of my followers! You shared the pastizzi recipe a ton of times! Thank you and please keep sharing! Also let me know what else you’d like to see recipes for.

So I start off with canned red beans. Yes, canned. I told you this is going to be really easy.


To the beans add your garlic and parsley.


Now add your chili pepper. Some leave this out or just add Tabasco sauce. Some add both. I like to just use chili pepper. Also add salt and pepper. Much of this recipe involves you trying out your own measurements of ingredients. Be sure to taste along the way.


Now add a little red wine vinegar. You can adjust the amount depending on your taste. I like about a table spoon.


At this point you will blend everything. You can use a fork or a food processor.  As you blend drizzle with olive oil. Enough that you get the beans to the smooth texture of hummus. When you serve this at the end you will use a touch more oil.


And guess what. That is it. You are done! How fast was that! You can now eat it or chill it. I do suggest chilling it.

bigilla (maltese hummus)



5 thoughts on “Bigilla the Really Easy Way

  1. I just happened to come across your site ….a malteser in the South too… I tried making bigilla however with fava beans…didn’t turn out right that because it is a specific type and wa too pricey to buy on Amazon…so I found it very interesting you you used red beans…I dunno if you were raised here but does it come close ….the taste to the bigilla? Would love to try because I miss my bigilla….thanks for your help:)

  2. I came across your recipe looking for hummus variations. This is very good and have made it several times either demonstrating or offering it at a function. Easy and satisfying. Thanks for sharing.

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