Maltese Mama Monday

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I was born in the United States, in Maryland. My parents are both from the island of Malta. I’d like to start incorporating my culture into my blog. One of my favorite parts of exploring a culture is food. So I thought I’d share the recipes of my culture with you every Monday. I’m calling it Maltese Mama Monday. Some of the recipes will be authentic. Other recipes, given the limitations of ingredients, will be Maltese-American fusion. There are also Maltese inspired recipes. The inspired recipes are not something you’ll find on any menu in Malta, but they will incorporate a Maltese ingredient into everyday cooking.

The Island of Malta is located in the beautiful Mediterranean. The food stands on its own but is most like Southern Italian. Fish, red sauces, curry, pasta, rabbit, capers, olives are all staples. In the United States, I have yet to come across a Maltese restaurant. If I want food that is similar to the region, I tend to eat Italian, Greek or Spanish.

Since I am a photographer and not a history or geography teacher, I thought I’d explain the food of Malta in pictures. So here are just some images of the food that I will be sharing with you, peppered with  images of the farmers, cooks, fishermen, market dealers, and well, just Malta. I hope you join me coming Mondays.




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